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Black Rock Theater's Sweeney Todd

"In the role of Sweeney Todd, Tate McElhaney delivers a strong, thrilling and emotional portrayal of a man and skilled Fleet Street barber... Vocally, both she and McElhaney tackle the vocals of Sondheim's iconic score with celebrated fervor, sweeping surge, playful repartee and showpiece bravura. Their vocal attachment to the material illuminates the complexity and skill of his musical artistry with intoxicating zeal, grandeur and lush imagination." 
- James V. Ruocco
"Tate McElhaney is a very strong Sweeney Todd, showing off a full singing voice for his solos."
- Nancy Sasso Janis

CCM's She Loves Me

"Tate McElhaney shows off a wide vocal range and many subtle acting choices as Sipos"
- Scott Cain
"Tate McElhaney as Sipos deliver a wonderful rendition of “Perspective,” a song in which he outlines his philosophy on life and making waves at work."
- Alan Jozwiak

Black Rock Theater's
Sweeney Todd

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